Sunday Service at North Point: Why are you afraid?

Late 2011 or early 2012, a peer invited our barkada to attend a Sunday service back at home. It took us weeks before we got to attend that service. So what would you expect if you are to attend a different Sunday service? Would Love, Sex, and Dating be part of it? How about if you are told that the talk would be about the new rules for these things? If you are to tell me that the pastor was openly talking about all these then I would probably think that you’re crazy. So imagine my shock when I stepped in and heard it myself. I don’t know with the other services and cultures but coming from a conservative Church I was really flabbergasted to receive this postcard (just got this picture online).

After that first day we decided to attend again and again and again. The talk was really interesting not just because of the topic but most especially because of how the pastor related the Bible’s teachings to the modern era. The pastor, Les Tilka,was also commendable. He not only captured our 100% attention but he also amazed me with how easy it was to understand what he was saying because most of the foreigners’ accent back home were hard to understand. As a young person, I was able to understand more how to apply Jesus’ teaching in my life. I am not a Religious person so being able to grasp a clear understanding of the Bible was truly an amazing experience for me (and for my friends too).

Anyways, enough of that eventful Sunday, that is for another day’s topic. Yesterday’s series is the focus of this post.

The series Follow started last April 7, 2013, yesterday, April 21, was the 3rd part of this series. So far, of the first 3 parts this struck me the most because it was the very answer to my current dilemma. The topic did not really gave me a solution but it did remind me that I should not fear what may happen because God has a reason. Whatever will happen will happen, I just have to accept it whether good or bad because at the end of the road there is a silver lining. I will never forget the questions “Why are you afraid? Don’t you have faith?” At the moment when Andy Stanley, the pastor, said those it was at the same moment when it made me realize how inconspicuously God answers our doubts. The most funny thing is Pastor Andy’s example is about joblessness, which is my biggest dilemma now, and he even repeated this word over and over again throughout the service.

However, even though I said all these I am still not in that level where my faith never waivers. For all those whose faith never waivers, if you exist, I really salute you. Life is indeed full of unexpected twist and even though most, if not all, are aware that it is part of God’s Plan we still doubt where it will take us. it is not easy to Follow Jesus’ teachings but its even harder to put your complete faith in God’s hands even though you said time and time again that you have complete faith.

Now, this is a very interesting everyday topic. No matter what we are doing or will be doing, we are always expecting some kind of result at the end. It is kind of frustrating when the end result isn’t what you hoped for that sometimes we tend to blame someone or something as part of our defense mechanism. Sometimes, we tend to indirectly place this blame on God. It is time to sit back and think, what is it really like to completely Follow?

Oh, you might still be wondering what this Sunday Service is, its North Point Community Church. You can actually attend the service online via live webcast, which is what me and my roommates do. Just check the schedule on their website. Hopefully you are also enlightened with this.


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