Smartphone Requirements: What I Look For

Samsung Galaxy S4 is has been released to the market this month. Never tried the actual device myself. But I was wondering, would it be better to get this or wait for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 instead? I was really planning on waiting for the latter once I get a job because I want a smartphone that is power pack in terms of battery life. If Note 2, with Li-ion 3100 mAh battery, has a very good battery life performance I’m pretty sure Note 3 would be at par or, if not, exceed its precedent. However, with the battery/charging problem of my current Samsung Galaxy Y (just 1.5 years with me, a short time for me) I don’t think it will survive for another month. So my next option is to decide between Note2 and S4, with Li-Ion 2600 mAh battery.

This new smartphone launched by Samsung promises a lot of new features making life more convenient. But then again, isn’t that always the case for new smartphones?

So, what should you look at when you choose a smartphone? For practicality purpose, let’s not look into what the new features this Mobile companies are offering. For me, the following are my basic requirements:

  1. Call and SMS feature of course
  2. Battery life since I love to play songs and videos especially when on the road
  3. Large RAM, ideally 2 GB
  4. Expandable memory of up to 32 GB as much as possible
  5. Big screen, for me touch screens are hard to operate with just one hand plus its hard to type in a small keyboard when you have chubby fingers as I realized with Galaxy Y. plus, its way better to watch videos in a bigger screen.
  6. Speaker’s quality, I might just need to use it in an event.
  7. FM and wifi of course
  8. Camera with flash because I already sold my DSLR
  9. Front camera just so i could have a video chat without opening the computer
  10. Other features

Of these 10, only the Top 5 requirements are what I really check into.

What’s your top requirements?


Samsung Galaxy s4

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