My Thoughts on Windows 8

Author’s Note: This is just a random rambling of a disappointed individual, so excuse me if you disagree with what I have to say. Anyways, I originally posted this in my Facebook account but decided to post it here to see if what your thoughts are. 

This is a personal comment/reaction on the following article:

Investor dump Microsoft, PC stocks on bleak news

Honestly, I’m glad I got to buy my lappy before Windows 8 was out because I would have gotten the latter since I was looking forward to it since Microsoft’s announcement last year. I used to be one of the enthusiast that believed Windows 8 will give a new definition to innovation (which Jobs did) and take over Apple’s position as the leader in the computer industry. But after using a laptop running on Windows 8, I was truly disappointed and thought that maybe I was just not “technology-savvy” enough to appreciate its workings because there were mostly good reviews online. Turns out I’m not alone.

Well, in my opinion, all is not lost for the PC industry yet. Tabs and smartphones still have its limit. There are just a lot you could do in a PC that you can’t done correctly in a tab (for now that is). Plus, the PC’s bigger screen (13″, 14″, 17″), which I may point out is the most convenient screen size, is not an ideal dimension for a tab. So unless someone comes up with a way to make these dimensions conveniently portable there is still hope for Microsoft and HP and other such companies struggling nowadays. Microsoft would just have to revamp its Windows 8, this time around they should be more user friendly conscious.

So, how about you?