Takumi-Kun Series

Do you love live action BL? Or just love the tandem of Daisuke Watanabe and Hamao Kyosuke? Then better check out this post on Takumi-Kun Series. For those who had nor seen this BL movie, you have just missed a very important movie in the BL genre.

For those not into BL (boys love) movies but curious about it or want to watch one then Takumi-Kun Series is a good start. Just make sure to never miss the 2nd-5th part because these were what made this a very popular and most loved BL movie.

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Gay movies always remain as the hottest issue in movies industry. There are so many gay movies that you can watch in anywhere, from Thailand, to Japan, Korea, Vietnam, America, China, and so on. I absolutely can not watch every BL types (BL means Boys Love), since there are some sensitive scenes which i think really unimpropriate to me. BL movies that i am really into is the pure, touching one. In this post, i am going to introduce for you one of the most popular BL movies in Japan (leading country on this subject): TAKUMI-KUN SERIES( remake from the manga yaoi orriginal).

“Takumi-kun serie”s is the must-watched saga if you like BL. It has an epic levels including 5 movies with non-stop hits and crazy reaction from the audiences. I must admit that i was scared at first if this movies are “too much” to me, but no, i…

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