Hamao Kyosuke in Goseiger

Goseiger - Japanese Power RangerI just found out that Hamao Kyosuke, playing Gosei Black/Agri, is the youngest amongst all the actors in Goseiger (the basis of Power Rangers) and the one playing as his young sister is actually the 3rd oldest? I hadn’t watched the show since there is none with English sub in Youtube but based on the clip I’d seen, I do agree with this blogger that Gosei Pink seems too exaggerated in her acting.

I really don’t care about the story honestly because just like Power Rangers, through the years, it tends to get worser though the years. Or maybe it just seems so because we always compare it to its precedent or that we actually did start to grow up and is more critical with the details. kids don’t really mind the details much as long as its entertaining. Anyways, I was curious as to what people who had commented re Mao’s acting and was actually surprised that there were those that will always think of him as Takumi during the early stage of Goseiger. This just really shows how much of  an impact the the DaiMao tandem have.

Anyways, since this show was already years ago maybe you’d watched it? If so, what are your opinions/comments?


Tensou Sentai Goseiger


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