World Greets 浜尾京介 Hamao Kyosuke Happy Birthday!

Its been so long since I’d post anything. So, to celebrate my coming back to the world of blogs, let’s start off by celebrating the birthday of one of the most kawaii/cute Japanese actor ever, 浜尾京介 Hamao Kyosuke!

Hamao Kyosuke 22nd birthday with cake

On June 23, 2012, a video entitled 浜尾京介 Hamao Kyousuke – WORLD BIRTHDAY MESSAGE 2012 was uploaded in Youtube to greet Hamao Kyosuke. Like any other birthday videos made by fans, the probability that this would be watched by the intended person is around 90%-95% especially if said person is an actor and is not even using Facebook and Twitter. Now, surprisingly and truly something heart warming, Mao-Kun did watch this one and here’s what Liza Chan, who made and uploaded the video, wrote in the comment:

Hamao Kyousuke Today in his blog, wrote that he saw our video message on YouTube!

All those who participated in this project congratulations with successful results! Here is a translation of Mao’s blog: Yesterday, Mum showed me a video to YouTube It was a special video message from my fans all over the world. At the moment when I saw him, I could not stop crying ..


Fans around the world as well as Japanese fans, thank you so much!

This, in itself, is truly an amazing thing for Mao’s fans and any other fans who did the same. Being recognized and thanked by the celebrity you admire is indeed a happy moment for a fan.

So, it is not surprising that Mao’s fans are encouraged to continue this the following year, this year to be exact. And in order to celebrate Mao’s 22nd birthday, here are the following birthday videos uploaded as of June 25, 2013.

We can only hope that Mao’s Mum would get to watch all these and tell him again this year ^-^

To Mao, have a happy 22nd birthday and may all your wish come true.


DUMB and GENIUS hopes you enjoy your time here ^-^