Reminiscing Takumi Kun Preview Talks

Takumi Kun Series Cast DaiMao MisuShin

Today, I went over to watch all the Takumi Kun preview talks, from NijiIro No Garasu (Rainbow Colored Glass / 虹色の硝子) to Ano, Hareta Aozora (Sunny Blue Sky / あの、晴れた青空). Here are things that I really love about these talks and the reason why I never get tired watching all of them again and again:

  1. The emcee is the best! Really! All her comments, observations, and teasing on Daisuke and Hamao made the talk more like watching a romantic-comedy interview. She always make it a point to come up with another meaning (; to what the couple is saying, hahaha. Her witty personality sure made it more interesting and arouse a lot of positive (squealing) reactions from the audience. She definitely made it looked like the two are actually in love, or on their way to a romantic relationship, hahaha. Anyone who’d watched, at least one, the preview talks will definitely agree.
  2. The reactions of Daisuke and Hamao toward the emcee’s questions and comments. Sometimes its their fault why she said those lines, hahaha. But then that’s good for us fans 😀 What I like more as the series progress is that, like in the movies, their chemistry just gets stronger and their interactions with each other just gets cuter romantic and more natural like-a-couple.
  3. Daisuke and Hamao’s lines and interactions. Sometimes it looks like they don’t notice the people around, hahaha. I love it when they get into their role of being a couple, not exactly as Gii and Takumi but more like a love team, and acts it out in front of everybody. Like that one time when Daisuke is displaying the role of a jealous boyfriend and when Mao gives him a loving reply >.< Those are moments that are precious to all fangirls and fanboys. Just get married already!
  4. Daisuke and Hamao’s famous couple pose at the end. It never fails to impress me (and everyone) how they are so comfortable with each other. Holding each other lovingly, with Mao’s head in Daisuke’s shoulder, is surely something to look forward to when they take their photos as a cast. The first time they did this was a real surprised that even the director, Takeshi Yokoi, can’t help smiling, hahaha. Since this is a recurring pose, even Takiguchi once leaned on Daisuke’s other shoulder for the fun of it and to get the audience to laugh, hahaha.
  5. The whole cast! Of course, aside from our beloved emcee, they, at one point or another, were ganging up on our favorite couple, hahaha. They also love to tease them.

Takumi kun preview talk pose daimao sweet pose

These preview talks are really interesting because the cast reminiscence about their experiences while making the movie and one gets to see how they interact in front of the people. Here, I took notice of the following:

  1. As pointed out earlier, Daisuke and Hamao’s chemistry is clearly visible even when they are out of character.
  2. Although Dai and Mao really treats each other as brothers in real life, they are so comfortable with one another that they don’t have a problem with being labeled as a couple.
  3. Mao is really a shy uke material person but not to the point of being timid, more like being cute.
  4. Dai exudes confidence even without trying and is leader seme material.
  5. Taki is the most mature one out of the five main casts but he’s also the one who loves to tease the couple.
  6. Unfortunately, Ryoma and Taiki’s off screen chemistry is (close) to non-existent.
  7. Taiki is the quiet one (or maybe its just because the others worked together longer) but when prompted he’s have a lot to say.
  8. Ryoma, although not that much visible, has a playful personality.

Anyways, although all of the preview talks were funny, the one for Ano, Hareta Aozora was actually a bittersweet one because its also the time for Daisuke and Hamao to graduate from their role. Its like a part farewell talk.

By the way, here’s the videos of the preview talks from Takumi KUn Series 2-5.