How Different are the Male Species from the Female? Shopping Anyone?

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Men are from Mars and women are from Venus is the most commonly used phrase to describe the difference between the male species and the female ones. It is actually a famous book written by relationship counselor, John Gray. It was so famous that society had adopted it as part of the popular culture. The book was more about how these two gender handle relationships. However, since we are not going to focus on that, let’s talk about the different implication of this phrase.

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus is also the phrase used to describe how different males and females are. True enough, men do have a hard time understanding a women’s mindset and women also find it difficult to comprehend how a man’s mind works. Apparently, there is some kind of male and female stereotypes present between these two species. However, we do miss out that in some way, we are both actually the same just that we act somehow differently in a situation.

Shopping and Sale

The most common thing that both that men complain about women is their shopping habit. Men usually wonder why women loves to go shopping and hopping from one store to another. Here’s a reality check for both: women buys staff they fancy only when they are definitely sure that nothing else is better than it and men buys staff once they fancy it. True that women fancy a lot of things however, it takes browsing 3-5 stores for them to finally choose which one to buy. On the other hand, men immediately buys a thing once they really like it. This is not true all the time but this is what happens most of the time.

Both shopping habits can be attributed to how the mind works. For a female, what she is thinking is that she may like something but she doesn’t want to have too much or similar of that thing in her closet so to be absolutely sure that she got the best out of the rest she’s thinking of checking out the other stores and compare. In the end, when she is contented that she had check every possible store she will then finally decide where to buy it. Meanwhile, for a male, he’ll be thinking that since he likes it then that’s it. No need to check another store since that will generally be a waste of time, which they can allocate for other things to do.

Just want to point out that this is based on the general population and behavior of each species. Not everyone may be like this but this is something I’d observed among my peers and acquaintances. It is hard to identify however where all these difference in mentality and decision-making attitude came from.