ME, MYSELF & I: A Quick Look Into My Life… So Far


It has been a long time since I’d published any new post and honestly, there are a lot more things I wanted to share for those weeks I’d been on hiatus. A lot of things had happened over the last few months. I wanted to write a lot of things but unfortunately, the four corners of your (and my) computer’s screen is not enough to share it all. So here’s a quick and vague preview instead into what my life has been this past few months.


I had my share of good news and bad news, both of which are truly unexpected. Secrets and confessions were revealed at the most unexpected moment. My eyes were opened to the reality that not all truth is obvious, some are painfully masked. I gave a hello and bade a goodbye to things I’d been waiting and wanting for. Lessons were learned while trust is being built up. Realizations were made along with determination. I still hold on to my dreams but this time I had an additional thing to hold on to. It was quite a long and yet short break for me.


This past few months had taught me that in life you will never know how life will turn out. Your dreams may just be within your reach already but it doesn’t always mean that its meant for you or that it is already the time for it. Destiny is not something I believed at but maybe it does exist, just that it will show up in its own time.

Finally, I’m ending this one with the most important realization I made, you may not always get what two things at the same time but it won’t hurt to achieve them one at a time.