ME, MYSELF, & I: The Imperfect Me


How do you describe a perfect person? How about how you describe yourself? Do you believe yourself to be near perfect? Or do you, like millions of others, admit that you are far from perfection? Had you ever thought of what being perfect really is? Is perfection something you can judge based on what you can see? Who is the role model of perfection? All these (and many others) are questions you may had asked yourself when you start wondering about how to be perfect. I’d also asked myself these same questions and the answer I came up with is I am far too imperfect to ever be the perfect person. And here are the reasons why:

  • I don’t have a flattering figure, let’s just say I’m fat. Except for my butt, nothing about my figure could be considered as a physical asset. I am an overweight person of average height. I have a round face with big cheekbones and small nose. I don’t have a long and slender neck. My breasts are of normal sizes. I have a big tummy with lots and lots of body fats. I have a pair of big arms and legs, I even have cellulites (I think so) on my legs.
  • I’m not beautiful. I don’t have big and beautiful eyes. My lips are not red or pink. My cheeks are not pinkish. I have a subtle mustache and my skin is not flawless, there are scars here and there.
  • I have a set of thinning hair. Hair fall has always been my problem and so far I had not found an effective solution for it yet.
  • I’m not athletic and have a hard time burning off my excess fats.
  • I’m clumsy and forgetful. I have a short term memory lifespan. I could easily forget a lot of things. I also get trips on unexpected places.
  • I easily get irritated when things don’t go my way and have moody tantrums.
  • I’m not good at anything except drawing but that was years ago. I could cook but all of my dish could be considered as experiments.
  • I don’t have a good sense of humor but I do small things can easily make me happy. I’m not good at telling jokes or making one. All my attempts at joking had been big failures.
  • I’m not a good person, I have evil thoughts at times and can do bad things when provoked.

I could lists more things about why I’m not perfect but that would take up too much time. The point is, I had long ago accepted my imperfections and knew that I could never become a perfect person no matter what I do. Though I did accept them it doesn’t mean that I’m satisfied with things and just let them be. Oh no…

fear of imperfection

You see, even though I am totally cool with my imperfections, I know that somehow there is a way to improve myself. Those imperfections are like goal setters that I have to pass in order to become a better me. I am not just aiming for betterment just for myself, I also want to be better for my friends and love ones. I know that with each improvement I also gain self confidence that in turn would help improve my relationship with the people around me.

But, even throughout my imperfections, I am still very much thankful to the people who loves me and had stayed by my side. I’m especially thankful to them for accepting all my imperfections without trying to change me but had been there to encourage me on what I wanted to achieve.