Finally, The Lipstick I Will Stick To


My quest for a good lipstick brand has finally come to an end. At long last, I’d found the one that has satisfied my requirements, which are affordability and long lasting. You have to know though that here in the Philippines not all kinds of lipsticks are available.

Here’s my case, I’m not a person who has the luxury to spend on my wants. But I’m also not what some may consider thrifty. Let’s just put it this way, I want to make the most of what little I have but at the same time I thoroughly understood the cost-quality relationship. That is why I’m really looking for a lipstick that won’t be too much for my pocket.

Of course, even though I’m looking for something affordable it doesn’t mean that I want to sacrifice its quality. Actually, for me, I wanted a long lasting lipstick for 2 reasons. First is that I don’t want to always reapply especially after every meal and second is that I believe it will save me more if I only need to apply it once since it will mean that I will be consuming it less. There are also times, especially when I’m busy or out in the field, that I tend to forget to retouch and in all honesty, its a hassle to do so. I want my lipstick to last for at least 8 hours and mind you that I drink a lot of water throughout the day.

So through the years, I’d grown quite fond of lipsticks but I only purchase one lipstick at a time because I have the tendency to finish up first the one that I least like the most. However, just last month I’d purchased 3 different lipsticks. To better understand how I’d come upon having 3 lipstick at the same time I’d like to enumerate (in chronological order) all of the lipsticks I’d purchased so far (and remembered), my experience and my reason for changing it. The last of the list is the one that I love the most.




Such a lovely tube right? Well, I fell in love with its tube before anything else. I forgot which shades I tried but I tried 2. Its set of colors is nice but it doesn’t last long, if my memory serves right, I have to reapply every time I drink. Honestly, at that time, I didn’t know that there are lipsticks that actually last even after drinking. After the last one, I decided to find another brand for a change.



ever bilena

Like all magic lipsticks, you can expect this to darken throughout the day. I only purchased this once and had only applied it for 3-5 times because I really didn’t like the shade when it darkens and I was afraid that it will have a bad effect on my lips because the price was too cheap (P75.00 or an estimated $1.60).



I actually tried 2 kinds of lipstick on Etude but the first one I tried was phased out. Both of it actually feels nice on the lips and I love the color collection of Etude. But, just like IN2IT, it doesn’t last. Aside from that, the lipstick itself kind of melts or softens after a while so I have to throw it away even before I totally consume it. Maybe it was due to the weather here in Philippines? I had consumed a total of 8 of Etude’s lipsticks (if I’m not mistaken). It was at this time that I realize how much of a hassle reapplying lipsticks is so i decided to find a lipstick that will last all day (especially after I drink).




I first tried this one out of curiosity. As the name suggest, ColorStay, I was wondering whether it really does last. The saleslady was kind enough to tell me that it do last even after drinking. My first shade of this was something similar to the picture, if not the same. The color does last even after I eat and drink. I don’t need to reapply again during office hours. But it has more cons to be honest. It’s hard to apply, it dries my lips, it fades unevenly and it’s almost impossible to reapply after it fades away. Either way, I still love it. I’d worn this for years and only need to buy 3-4 tubes a year. However, after my last tube this year, I decided to find a better one that will still suite my budget.




I saw somewhere in the internet that Maybelline has a good long lasting lipstick, I just forgot which kind. When I was looking around the store I decided to drop by the Maybelline booth to look at their lipstick. The saleslady there told me that this was the one I was looking (actually, they only carry the Color Sensational variety), that the color stays on all day even after I drink. I was a bit skeptical, this one doesn’t sound familiar at all, but I decided to give it a go because I really love the color (MAT3). Turns out this wasn’t what I was looking for (I should have known better). It only stays for 4 hours but it’s easy to apply and fades out evenly. What I don’t like most about this is it transfers until it’s completely off. I was really disappointed that I decided to find another one immediately even if this is not yet finish. To be honest, if not for the color I would have given this away.




I also read about this on the net. I was thinking, with its price maybe it will really last. Turns out it doesn’t. It basically performs the same as Maybelline Color Sensational. I was more disappointed with this one because it’s way more expensive and it looks more like it fades quicker because of its color (Golden Brandy). What I just like about this is that it feels real smooth and it doesn’t dry my lips at all.




Again, I went back to the internet to find another lipstick. This time, I made sure to read as much reviews as I can. Turns out most of the lipsticks being recommended were either not available in my place or too expensive for me. It was later on that I read about Covergirl being compared to MAC and it piqued my curiosity. I decided to read more on it before I make any purchase. I decided to try the Fairytale shade and it really surprised me. For its price I never would have thought that it would last almost as much as Revlon ColorStay and it’s even better. It’s easy to apply, doesn’t dry my lips, and fades out evenly. What amazed me more is that it doesn’t have any transfer (after sometime). I drank a lot of soup (and wiped my mouth with a wet towel) one time and noticed that the color was still there. It’s really amazing. So far it had last for 8 hours and more. I am sticking to this one from now on.


So yeah, my most recommend affordable and long lasting lipstick would be Covergirl Lipperfection Lipcolor. Maybe in the far future I will look for another one again but I’m sure that I will always fall back to this one if I’m not satisfied with the others.