Almost 25 Years of Being Alone


For almost 25 years of my life, I never had a boyfriend since birth. Its not that I’m choosy or that no one ever courted me, its just that I have this subconcious mindset that I wanted someone who I’m already familiar with. Maybe it’s because I sometimes feel awkward towards a stranger (even with acquaintances) and I’m not very good with getting to know a person in a short time. You see, I’m not an inquisitive person nor am I a too friendly one. And I’m never comfortable with silence in the presence of a stranger.

For almost 25 years of my life, I was living the life of a single. I never need to ask someone else’s permission (aside my parents), I get to travel alone, I shop alone, I spend my offs dating myself, I get to bond with my friends and I enjoy trying out new restaurants. Being single is surely all about freedom.

For almost 25 years of my life, I’d been doing things alone, I’d been keeping things to myself, I never need to tell anyone anything, and I never cry over some guy. Its all about me, myself and I. As someone who’d never been in a relationship, I’d been telling people that there are a lot of perks being single. However, there are also a lot of times that I’m wondering where Mr. Right is. I’m jealous with people who have someone they can share with and at the same time I’m afraid of being hurt. But it was still kind of scary to think of growing old alone afterall.

For almost 25 years of my life, I’d kept telling myself that being single is the best. What more is that almost all of the online articles I’d read had been telling so too because you have the freedom to do anything.

Its true that being single gives you a lot of freedom but I will have to say that being in a relationship is also the best thing.


There will be fights when in a relationship, problems here and there, and tears being shed but at the end of the day, if you’re with the right guy, it’ll be nothing but another roadblock. There is always the pros and cons as like any other relationships but that is a topic for another time. For someone like me, who had already enjoyed my single life to the fullest, I’m totally ready to commit in a relationship and I’m very happy to say that I still have as much freedom as I used to have before.

My guy is not the jealous type, in fact I wanted to see him jealous even just once (which he said he did when we were still friends). He had given me his full trust so I don’t need to ask his permission for anything. I don’t need to report to him whatever happened in my day nor does he prevented me from doing what I wanted (unless, of course, if it’s dangerous).

I still get to go to places and try out new restaurants but now its twice more fun having someone to share it with. So I get to enjoy doing things alone and with someone now. I wouldn’t have it any other way anymore.

To all young people out there, enjoy being single as much as you can so that when Mr./Ms. Right comes along you are very much ready to commit.