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Disclaimer: Most of the photos within this blog are not mine. If you find any of yours, forgive me in advance for not giving you credit. Furthermore, I do not intend to plagiarize anyone so I credit my sources and quote whatever word/s or phrase/s I use from said source.

Whether you’d ended here by accident or pure curiosity I still like to give you a big HUG for being here.

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For those who might be familiar with some of my older posts, those are in fact posts I’d imported from my previous old blog.

Let me introduce myself, I am DUMB and GENIUS. Now, now, I’m not belittling myself nor am I boasting. It just so happens that I’m one crazy person who’d been told to be intelligent at one point and just say something totally dumb the next. But at the end of the day, when these two collide, I am just left as one of those ordinary person who has a lot of say on things. For short, I can’t keep my mouth shut.

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DUMB and GENIUS is basically about my own opinion on things, whether trivial or not, but you are very much welcome to give your two cents, just no cussing others please. This is a place where ordinary people can express their ordinary or extraordinary self. I am not an expert in anything either so all things being said here are either based on gathered facts or purely personal views.

DUMB and GENIUS talks just about anything of interest (or not) but I do have my favorite topics. So, for easy navigation around, all posts are categorized. If you’re interested on a certain category just click the buttons below or check out the menu portion.

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