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Its Flashback Friday! Wait, What?

For those not too biggie with social media hashtags, you’ll probably scratch your head and wonder why the heck is there a flashback Friday when there’s already the throwback Thursday? I did too… Continue reading

What is with Throwback Thursday?

Are you one of those social media fanatics who uses the hashtag #ThrowbackThursday, #TBT, or #Throwback when the day hits well, Thursday? Ever posted an old picture or anything that is a memento… Continue reading

My Thoughts on Windows 8

Author’s Note: This is just a random rambling of a disappointed individual, so excuse me if you disagree with what I have to say. Anyways, I originally posted this in my Facebook account… Continue reading

Smartphone Requirements: What I Look For

Samsung Galaxy S4 is has been released to the market this month. Never tried the actual device myself. But I was wondering, would it be better to get this or wait for Samsung… Continue reading