Mao’s movie back in 2009. Title Please?

Mao’s movie back in 2009 as Sakura Yuuto. Title Please? So, I’d just randomly discovered this Live journal (LJ) while browsing the net. Hamao Kyosuke is in  it. Its basically a high school… Continue reading

Daichan and Maokun in chibi

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Credit: Hàn Ngọc

Thank you very much Topsy

Just want to give a quick thank you to Topsy for saving my tweets from my now deactivated twitter account, teamKHSph, although I don’t why its there, hahaha. Anyways, now I could retrieve… Continue reading

Takumi-Kun Series

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Gay movies always remain as the hottest issue in movies industry. There are so many gay movies that you can watch in anywhere, from Thailand, to Japan, Korea, Vietnam,…

My Thoughts on Windows 8

Author’s Note: This is just a random rambling of a disappointed individual, so excuse me if you disagree with what I have to say. Anyways, I originally posted this in my Facebook account… Continue reading

All About Kurt Hugo Schneider: An Introduction – Part1

Are you a music lover and a YouTuber? If you are then you most probably know this guy. If not, then believe me that he is a very famous internet celebrity. Search for… Continue reading

Smartphone Requirements: What I Look For

Samsung Galaxy S4 is has been released to the market this month. Never tried the actual device myself. But I was wondering, would it be better to get this or wait for Samsung… Continue reading